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Our company philosophy is based on quality and sustainability. This applies both to the products and services we offer to our customers and to our relationships with our employees and partners. We understand that fire safety is more than just technology — it's about trust, safety and protecting valuable resources.

Our continuous development and tireless commitment to innovation have earned us various approvals and certifications, including VdS certification for aerosol extinguishing systems and fire alarm systems, TÜV recognition in accordance with UN ECE-R107 and ISO9001 certification.

But despite all our successes and recognitions, we remain true to our principle: meeting the individual needs of our customers with the highest precision and professionalism. Our decade of experience is reflected in every project we embark on and in every solution we develop.

Wetrax GmbH stands for expertise, reliability and a sustainable future in fire protection. We are your partner when it comes to ensuring safety and security at the highest level.

Portrait von Wetrax GmbH Geschäftsführer Niki Traxel

Niki Traxel


Portrait von Wetrax GmbH Geschäftsführer Nils Weber

Nils Weber


Our story.
Our milestones.

Discover the history of Wetrax GmbH, from when we were founded in 2013 to the innovative developments and successes that have made us an industry leader in aerosol extinguishing systems.


Logo der Wetrax GmbH mit den Geschäftsführern

The history of Wetrax GmbH is closely linked to the visions of two ambitious entrepreneurs. Niki Traxel and Nils Weber, two personalities with a shared passion for innovative technologies, joined forces in 2013 to create Wetrax GmbH. Their combination of technical know-how and entrepreneurial flair formed the basis of the company, which quickly established itself as a reliable partner in the field of fire protection and extinguishing system technology.

With a clear focus on quality, sustainability and customer-focused service, Wetrax GmbH grew steadily and expanded its offering to meet the constantly changing requirements of the market. The continuous commitment and pioneering work of Traxel and Weber have not only helped the company achieve numerous successful projects, but also an unmistakable reputation in the industry.

2016 - 2018

Logo der VdS GmbH

In 2016, Wetrax GmbH achieved a decisive success: its aerosol extinguishing systems were certified by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH. As Europe's primary institute for corporate security and subsidiary of the German Insurance Association (GDV), the VdS stands for the highest standards in areas such as fire protection and safety.

This certificate attests to the high quality and reliability of Wetrax products. With this certification, the VdS, with around 500 employees and a portfolio that often serves as the basis for EN standards, has further increased its reputation and trust in Wetrax extinguishing systems and underlined its outstanding position in the market for fire protection solutions.

  • 2016 VdS certified aerosol extinguishing systems
  • 2017 VdS certified installer of aerosol extinguishing systems
  • 2018 VdS certified installer of fire alarm systems


Logo des TÜV Nord

In 2019, the company was recognized by TÜV in accordance with the UN ECE-R107 standard. This special certification underlines compliance with international standards and regulations, particularly in the area of road vehicle safety.


Logo der ISO 9001:2015 Zertifizierung durch Tervis

In 2020, Wetrax GmbH achieved another significant success in its continuous quality and improvement strategy: ISO 9001 certification was granted. This internationally recognized quality management system proves that Wetrax is consistently committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in its business processes.

With ISO 9001 certification, the company not only confirms its commitment to quality, but also to continuous optimization and customer satisfaction. It is further proof that Wetrax consistently offers its customers reliable and high-quality fire protection solutions.


Verleihung des Hekatron "Zukungtspreis"

In 2023, Wetrax GmbH was honored with the renowned “Future Prize” from Hekatron. Hekatron, an industry pioneer in the field of plant fire protection with more than six decades of experience, awarded this prize to Wetrax, which stands out for its innovation, future-oriented approaches and excellent cooperation.

The award from Wetrax GmbH reflected its innovative strength in the area of fire protection and its pioneering approaches to digitization and adaptation to market needs. In particular, Wetrax's proactivity in digitization and the continuous development of its services were recognized.

This prize was not only a sign of recognition for Wetrax's achievements in 2023, but also symbolized deep trust in the future cooperation between Wetrax and Hekatron. It was undoubtedly a significant milestone in the history of Wetrax and a testament to their continued quest for excellence in the fire protection sector.


In 2023, a special anniversary marked the success story of Wetrax GmbH: The company celebrated its 10th anniversary. A decade in which Wetrax grew continuously, promoted innovations in the area of fire protection and established itself as a reliable partner in the industry. The founders, Niki Traxel and Nils Weber, began in 2013 with a vision that has been reflected in numerous successful projects, certifications and recognitions over these ten years.

This anniversary not only stands for ten years of outstanding performance, but also for the commitment and passion of a team that always strives to offer its customers the best solutions in fire protection. The 10th anniversary is both a review of achievements and a glimpse of a promising future in which Wetrax will continue to set standards in the industry.