Fire protection solutions

Discover the versatile fire protection offerings from Wetrax GmbH, tailored for different areas, from storage lifts and vehicles to archives - we provide customized solutions that meet your exact requirements.

High-performance aerosol extinguishing systems from Wetrax

Lightning-fast, reliable and versatile — Wetrax aerosol extinguishing systems with compact design and easy maintenance are the minimally invasive fire protection solution for demanding areas of application.

Eine Gruppe von Aerosol-Löschanlagen der Wetrax GmbH

PFAS free

Environmentally friendly extinguishing agent

Minimally invasive

Easy integration and low maintenance


Remote updates and troubleshooting

Full service solution for your fire protection

The services provided by Wetrax GmbH cover everything, from planning and drafting your project to assembly and installation, maintenance and service assignments.

Mitarbeiter der Wetrax Gmbh