Aerosol fire suppression systems for Battery Storage

Battery storage systems are potentially exposed to high fire risks due to technical defects or external influences. By using Wetrax's advanced aerosol fire suppression systems, you gain an efficient protective measure against such hazards, significantly improving the safety and lifespan of your facilities.

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Battery Storage
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Wetrax fire protection in use

In our picture gallery, discover how aerosol extinguishing systems from Wetrax offer effective fire protection for a wide range of applications.

High-performance aerosol extinguishing systems from Wetrax

Lightning-fast, reliable and versatile — Wetrax aerosol extinguishing systems with compact design and easy maintenance are the minimally invasive fire protection solution for demanding areas of application.

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Fire Hazards in Battery Storage and the Solutions provided by Wetrax GmbH

Battery storage, particularly Energy Storage Systems (ESS), play a crucial role in the energy transition. They enable efficient storage and use of renewable energy sources and contribute to the stabilization of power grids. However, they also carry specific risks, especially regarding the risk of fire.

Causes of battery storage fires

The fire risks of battery storage systems are primarily due to thermal overload, internal short circuits and mechanical damage. One of the most common causes is the phenomenon of “thermal runaway,” in which overheating of battery cells leads to an uncontrollable chemical reaction. This reaction can trigger a chain reaction in neighboring cells and lead to a major fire.

Special challenges

The tight packing of cells in battery storage systems makes heat removal difficult and increases the risk of fires spreading rapidly. In addition, the gases produced during a fire are often toxic and pose an additional risk to people and the environment.

Preventing and combating a battery fire through an aerosol extinguishing system

Let's assume that in a commercially used energy storage system, one of the battery cells overheats due to a technical defect, such as an internal short circuit. This can happen, for example, as a result of a faulty cell or due to overcharging. The affected cell reaches critical temperatures and triggers a chemical reaction that results in the release of heat and gases. Without appropriate intervention, this condition can develop into a “thermal runaway,” in which neighboring cells also overheat and the fire spreads rapidly.

Wetrax aerosol extinguishing systems are used in this scenario. These are equipped with advanced sensors that can detect not only heat but also the release of hazardous gases. As soon as an abnormal increase in temperature or gas concentration is detected, the system automatically activates the extinguishing device.

The aerosol extinguishing system releases an extinguishing agent in aerosol form, which quickly and efficiently reaches the source of the fire and reduces the oxygen content around the fire source. By quickly suppressing the flames and cooling the affected areas, the fire is effectively contained and prevented from spreading. This is done without the use of water or foam-based agents, which is essential for the sensitive electronic components of battery storage systems, as this prevents further damage.

Thanks to the precise and rapid response of Wetrax aerosol extinguishing systems, potentially devastating fires in battery storage systems can be effectively prevented and the safety of the systems and personnel can be ensured.

Our commitment to BVES

As a member of the Federal Association of Energy Storage Systems e.V. (BVES), Wetrax GmbH is not only committed to advanced fire protection technologies, but also to the development of standards and best practices for the safe operation of ESS. We work closely with government agencies, research institutions and other industry partners to raise awareness of fire risks associated with battery storage systems and promote effective prevention measures.

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