Aerosol fire suppression systems for Warehouse lifts and storage systems

Warehouse lifts and storage systems can pose fire risks due to technical defects or external influences. With aerosol extinguishing systems from Wetrax, you get a progressive and efficient solution against such risks.

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Warehouse lifts and storage systems
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Wetrax fire protection in use

In our picture gallery, discover how aerosol extinguishing systems from Wetrax offer effective fire protection for a wide range of applications.

High-performance aerosol extinguishing systems from Wetrax

Lightning-fast, reliable and versatile — Wetrax aerosol extinguishing systems with compact design and easy maintenance are the minimally invasive fire protection solution for demanding areas of application.

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Remote updates and troubleshooting

Fire hazards and risks in warehouse lifts and storage systems

Warehouse lifts and storage systems are essential in modern warehouse and production environments. They not only optimize space, but also offer an efficient and systematic way of storage. But despite their many benefits, they also entail specific fire hazards and risks.

Possible fire risks

  • Electrical malfunctions: Most warehouse lifts and storage systems are electronically controlled. A short circuit or other electrical problem could result in sparks and a potential fire.
  • Friction: The mechanical parts of the systems, if not properly maintained, can generate heat through friction sufficient to ignite combustible materials.
  • Engine overheating: The motors that drive the warehouse lifts can overheat when overloaded or without adequate cooling.
  • Incorrectly stored goods: Flammable or highly flammable materials that are not properly stored increase the risk of fires.
  • Chemical reactions: Chemicals or substances stored in storage systems can react and trigger fires when they come into contact with each other.
  • External sources: Sparks from neighboring machines or workplaces can cause fires in storage systems.

Vulnerable areas in warehouse lifts and storage systems

  • Motor and drive units: These are the main sources of movement and can overheat when faced with technical issues.
  • Electronic control panels: Many electrical connections are concentrated here, which, when faulty, can generate sparks.
  • Loading and unloading areas: Here, materials can be handled improperly as a result of human error or mechanical malfunctions, which can result in friction or direct contact with combustible substances.
  • Storage spaces: Places where goods are stored, particularly if they contain combustible materials.
  • Mechanical connection points: Areas where parts of the system meet or move can generate heat through friction.

These potential hazard zones and fire risks underline the need for efficient and effective fire protection, as offered by aerosol extinguishing systems from Wetrax GmbH.

Aerosol extinguishing systems as an innovative fire protection solution for warehouse lifts and storage systems

In today's world, when efficiency and safety are becoming increasingly important in warehouse and production environments, technologically advanced fire protection measures are essential. In particular, warehouse lifts and storage systems, which often contain a wide variety of goods in tight arrangements, require fire protection that is both effective and quick to react. This is where aerosol extinguishing systems come into play.

What are aerosol extinguishing systems?

Aerosol extinguishing systems use fine fog particles to fight fires efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. Unlike traditional sprinkler systems that use water, aerosol extinguishing systems create a fine mist that spreads quickly and smothers the fire by displacing oxygen. This approach not only minimizes the water damage that traditional sprinkler systems can cause, but also ensures rapid and effective fire fighting.

Why aerosol extinguishing systems for warehouse lifts and storage systems?

  • Quick response time: Because of the way they work, aerosol extinguishing systems can fight fires in seconds, which is particularly crucial in densely packed warehouse environments.
  • Minimal damage: The fine fog particles do not cause water damage to products or electronics, which is particularly advantageous in warehouse lifts and electronically controlled storage systems.
  • Environmental friendliness: Aerosol extinguishing systems use environmentally friendly substances and eliminate the need to use large amounts of water, which minimizes environmental impact.
  • Space-saving: Because of their compact design, aerosol extinguishing systems take up less space than traditional sprinkler systems and can therefore be easily integrated into existing warehouse lifts and storage systems.

With the increasing demand for safer and more efficient fire protection solutions, Wetrax GmbH is using aerosol extinguishing systems as the ideal solution for warehouse lifts and storage systems. With its comprehensive services, from planning to maintenance, Wetrax GmbH ensures that its customers receive the best protection for their warehouse environments.

Installation of aerosol extinguishing systems in warehouse lifts and storage systems

In the dynamic world of storage and logistics, the demand for reliable and efficient fire protection solutions is constantly increasing. Warehouse lifts and storage systems, central elements of many warehouses, are particularly susceptible to fire risks due to the tight storage of materials and the electrical components that are often present. The question here is how a modern fire protection solution such as an aerosol extinguishing system can be integrated into such systems.

The installation process of an aerosol extinguishing system in warehouse lifts and storage systems

Step 1: Assessment and planning

Before the installation begins, Wetrax GmbH carries out a thorough evaluation of the storage system. This includes analyzing fire loads, identifying potential sources of ignition and identifying critical areas in the storage system that are particularly vulnerable.

Step 2: Design and positioning

Based on the evaluation, a tailor-made concept is developed that takes into account the specific requirements and conditions of the warehouse lift or storage system. The aerosol generators are strategically positioned in critical areas to ensure maximum coverage and efficiency.

Step 3: Integration into the existing system

Aerosol extinguishing systems are generally compact and can be easily integrated into existing warehouse lifts and storage systems. During integration, care is taken to ensure that the normal function of the warehouse system is not impaired. Sensors and detectors are installed at key locations to ensure immediate activation of the extinguishing system in the event of a fire.

Step 4: Testing and training

After installation, Wetrax GmbH carries out a series of tests to ensure that the extinguishing system is working properly. In addition, the company offers training for personnel so that they know how to react in the event of a fire and how the aerosol extinguishing system works.

Overall, the integration of an aerosol extinguishing system into warehouse lifts and storage systems not only offers increased protection against fires, but also an additional level of safety and peace of mind for the company. With Wetrax GmbH's expertise in planning, installation and maintenance, companies can be sure that their warehouse environments are optimally protected.

Services and services provided by Wetrax GmbH

In the modern warehouse and logistics industry, fire protection measures are of central importance to ensure the protection of plants, goods and personnel. Aerosol extinguishing systems play a decisive role here, particularly in warehouse lifts and storage systems. Wetrax GmbH has established itself as a reliable partner in this sector and offers a comprehensive range of services that goes far beyond the mere provision of extinguishing systems.

Tailored fire protection concepts

Planning a fire protection concept is the first and perhaps most important step in the process. The experts at Wetrax GmbH analyse the specific needs and requirements of the respective warehouse or warehouse system and develop a tailor-made concept based on this. Both structural and operational aspects are taken into account to ensure optimum efficiency and safety.

Assembly of aerosol extinguishing systems

Planning is followed by installation. The technicians at Wetrax GmbH ensure that aerosol extinguishing systems are professionally installed in the warehouse lifts and storage systems. Particular attention is paid to the correct positioning of sensors and generators in order to ensure quick and effective extinguishing work in the event of a fire.

Long-term support and maintenance

Fire protection measures require continuous monitoring and maintenance in order to always remain functional and up-to-date. Wetrax GmbH therefore offers regular maintenance work to guarantee the longevity and efficiency of the installed aerosol extinguishing systems. In the event of any problems or faults, a team of specialists is ready to fix errors quickly and effectively and thus continuously ensure the safety of the warehouse system.

Overall, the range of services offered by Wetrax GmbH is an all-round carefree package in the area of fire protection for warehouse lifts and storage systems. With its expertise and commitment, Wetrax GmbH ensures that its customers always have the best possible protection against the devastating consequences of a fire.

Conclusion: Why aerosol extinguishing systems from Wetrax GmbH are crucial for warehouse lifts and storage systems

Protecting warehouse lifts and storage systems from fire risks is of central importance not only for economic reasons, but also for safety reasons. An efficient fire protection concept can mean the difference between a controlled incident and catastrophic destruction. This is exactly where Wetrax GmbH comes in with its tailor-made aerosol extinguishing systems.

The comprehensive services offered by Wetrax GmbH range from detailed planning and development of a specific fire protection concept to professional installation and maintenance of the extinguishing systems. This not only guarantees the functionality of the systems in an emergency, but also their longevity and efficiency over the years. Every aspect, from initial consultation to regular review, is addressed with the utmost precision and professionalism.

So if you are looking for a reliable, efficient and long-term fire protection solution for your warehouse lifts and storage systems, then Wetrax GmbH is your ideal partner. Contact the team today to find out more about the customized aerosol extinguishing systems and the comprehensive range of services. Effective fire protection starts with the right decision — and Wetrax GmbH is here to provide you with competent support.

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