Aerosol fire suppression systems for Transport containers

Transport containers can pose significant fire risks due to their contents and conditions. With its aerosol extinguishing systems, Wetrax offers an effective and reliable solution to minimize such risks.

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Transport containers
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High-performance aerosol extinguishing systems from Wetrax

Lightning-fast, reliable and versatile — Wetrax aerosol extinguishing systems with compact design and easy maintenance are the minimally invasive fire protection solution for demanding areas of application.

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Fire protection in transport: aerosol extinguishing systems for transport containers of lithium-ion batteries

In today's world, lithium-ion batteries are an essential part of many technologies, from smartphones to electric vehicles. But although they offer numerous benefits, they also entail significant safety risks, particularly during transportation. At Wetrax, we have taken on this challenge and offer special fire protection solutions for the safe transportation and storage of lithium-ion batteries.

The problem: Thermal runaway and fire risks

Although lithium-ion batteries are efficient and powerful, they can be dangerous if damaged or malfunctioning. An internal short circuit can lead to a so-called thermal runaway, which releases large amounts of gases that can ignite. This can quickly lead to a sprawling fire.

The solution: Our specialized transport boxes

To minimize this risk, we have developed transport containers that are specifically tailored to the requirements of lithium-ion batteries:

  1. Sturdy housing: Our crates are made from certified aluminum, which is sturdy and durable.
  2. Fireproof lining: As an option, we offer a lining with rock wool, which provides an additional fire protection barrier.
  3. Efficient extinguishing system: Each transport container is equipped with one of our fully automatic aerosol extinguishing systems, which was developed specifically for lithium-ion batteries.

Why aerosol extinguishing systems?

Aerosol has been shown to be particularly effective in fighting fires caused by lithium-ion batteries. Here are a few benefits:

  • Quick erasure effect: Aerosol can quickly and effectively extinguish gas flames from damaged lithium cells.
  • Long-lasting protective effect: Even after the extinguisher has been triggered, the aerosol prevents gases from flaring up again for several hours.
  • Reducing side effects: The aerosol helps to slow down the thermal runaway and reduce the temperature of neighboring cells, which stops the spread of fire.

Flexibility in size and application

Our transport boxes are available in various volumes ranging from 29 to 156 liters. We also offer UN-coded transport and storage boxes for road or air transport. Special sizes are also available upon request.


At Wetrax, we rely on innovation to continuously improve fire protection in the area of lithium-ion batteries. With our aerosol extinguishing systems and specialized transport containers, you can be sure that your batteries are not only transported and stored efficiently, but also safely.

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